Fugitive Amritpal Singh Posts Video While On The Run From Cops

Fugitive Amritpal Singh has been on the run from police for months, but he recently made headlines when he posted a video of himself while on the run.

Amritpal Singh is wanted by police in India for a number of crimes, including murder and robbery. He has been on the run since April of this year, and has managed to evade capture despite a massive manhunt.

Recently, Singh posted a video of himself on social media, in which he is seen walking through a forest and talking about his situation. In the video, he claims that he is innocent and that he is being persecuted by the police. He also claims that he is being framed by the police and that he is being targeted because of his religion.

The video has caused a stir in India, with many people expressing outrage at Singh’s actions. The police have also condemned the video, saying that it is a “desperate attempt” to evade capture.

It is unclear what will happen to Singh, but it is likely that he will be apprehended soon. In the meantime, the video has sparked a debate about the state of law enforcement in India and the need for better policing.

It is also a reminder of the dangers of posting videos online while on the run from the law. While it may seem like a good idea to post a video in order to gain attention, it can also be a dangerous move that could lead to serious consequences.