My Son Would Die, Gurugram Woman, Locked In For 3 Years,Told Cops

A Gurugram woman, who was locked in her home for three years, has finally been rescued after she told the police that her son would die if she didn’t get help.

The woman, who is in her late 40s, was locked in her home by her husband and in-laws for three years. She was not allowed to leave the house or even talk to anyone outside her family. She was also not allowed to use her phone or any other electronic device.

The woman’s plight came to light when she managed to call the police and tell them that her son was in danger and that he would die if she didn’t get help. The police immediately rushed to her home and rescued her.

The woman told the police that her husband and in-laws had been mistreating her for years and had even threatened to kill her if she tried to escape. She also said that her husband had been forcing her to work as a domestic help in the house and had not been paying her any wages.

The police have registered a case against the woman’s husband and in-laws and are currently investigating the matter. The woman has been sent to a shelter home and is receiving medical and psychological help.

The incident has highlighted the plight of many women in India who are subjected to domestic violence and abuse. It is important that such cases are reported and the perpetrators are brought to justice. It is also important that women are aware of their rights and are not afraid to speak out against such injustices.