P Chidambaram On Rahul Gandhi Disqualification

The recent decision of the Election Commission to disqualify Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections has been met with shock and dismay by many in the political circles. One of the most vocal critics of the decision has been former Finance Minister P Chidambaram.

In a series of tweets, Chidambaram has expressed his displeasure at the decision and has called it “unfortunate”. He has also questioned the timing of the decision, which comes just days before the start of the election campaign.

Chidambaram has argued that the decision is a violation of the basic principles of natural justice and that it is a “gross injustice” to the people of Amethi, who have elected Rahul Gandhi as their representative for the past 15 years. He has also pointed out that the decision was taken without giving Rahul Gandhi an opportunity to present his case.

Chidambaram has also accused the Election Commission of being biased against the Congress party and has called for an independent inquiry into the matter. He has also demanded that the decision be reversed and that Rahul Gandhi be allowed to contest the elections.

The former Finance Minister’s criticism of the decision has been echoed by many other Congress leaders, who have also expressed their displeasure at the decision. The Congress party has also filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the decision.

The decision of the Election Commission has certainly created a stir in the political circles and it remains to be seen how the matter will be resolved. In the meantime, P Chidambaram’s criticism of the decision is sure to add fuel to the fire.