Senior Official From Gujarat Chief Minister’s Office Resigns After Son’s Links With Conman

A senior official from Gujarat Chief Minister’s Office has resigned after his son’s links with a conman were revealed. The official, identified as Rajesh Bhatt, was the Additional Chief Secretary in the Chief Minister’s Office.

The news of Bhatt’s resignation came after it was revealed that his son, Ankit Bhatt, had been in contact with a conman who had been arrested by the Gujarat Police. The conman, identified as Raju Jain, had been accused of duping people of crores of rupees.

Ankit Bhatt had reportedly been in contact with Jain for some time and had even visited his residence in Ahmedabad. The Gujarat Police had been investigating the case and had found evidence linking Ankit Bhatt to Jain.

Following the revelations, Rajesh Bhatt decided to resign from his post in the Chief Minister’s Office. He said that he had taken the decision to protect the reputation of the Chief Minister’s Office and to ensure that the investigation into the case was not hampered in any way.

The Gujarat Police have said that they are still investigating the case and are looking into the links between Ankit Bhatt and Jain. They have also said that they are looking into the possibility of other people being involved in the case.

The case has caused a stir in Gujarat and has raised questions about the integrity of the Chief Minister’s Office. It has also highlighted the need for greater vigilance when it comes to the activities of public officials and their family members.