Sobha Viswanath, Cerena Ann Johnson enter Mohanlal show

Sobha Viswanath and Cerena Ann Johnson recently made headlines when they entered the Mohanlal show, a popular Indian television show hosted by actor Mohanlal. The two women, both in their late twenties, are the first transgender women to appear on the show.

Sobha Viswanath is a transgender activist and a social worker from Kerala. She is the founder of the Transgender Collective, an organization that works to empower transgender people in the state. She has been actively involved in the fight for transgender rights in India and has been a vocal advocate for the community.

Cerena Ann Johnson is a transgender woman from the United States. She is a model, actress, and activist who has been featured in several magazines and television shows. She is also the founder of the Trans Women of Color Collective, an organization that works to empower transgender women of color.

The two women were invited to the show to discuss their experiences as transgender women and to share their stories with the audience. During the show, they spoke about the struggles they have faced in their lives and the discrimination they have faced from society. They also discussed the importance of acceptance and understanding for the transgender community.

The appearance of Sobha Viswanath and Cerena Ann Johnson on the Mohanlal show is a significant milestone for the transgender community in India. It is a sign of progress and acceptance for the community and a reminder that transgender people are just as capable and deserving of respect and acceptance as anyone else.