What Are Google's 'Perspective' And 'About This Author' Features; How It Will Help Verifying Content? – Jagran English

Google has recently launched two new features, ‘Perspective’ and ‘About this Author’, to help verify content and reduce the spread of misinformation.

Google’s ‘Perspective’ feature is a machine learning tool that uses natural language processing to detect toxic comments. It can detect comments that are likely to be offensive, disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate. The tool is designed to help online publishers and moderators identify and remove toxic comments from their websites.

Google’s ‘About this Author’ feature is a tool that helps readers verify the credibility of the author of an article. It provides readers with information about the author’s background, including their education, work experience, and other relevant information. This helps readers make an informed decision about whether or not to trust the content of the article.

These two features are part of Google’s larger effort to combat the spread of misinformation online. By helping to verify content and reduce the spread of misinformation, Google is helping to create a more informed and responsible online community.

Google’s ‘Perspective’ and ‘About this Author’ features are a great step forward in the fight against misinformation. They are a valuable tool for online publishers and moderators, as well as readers, to help ensure that the content they are consuming is accurate and trustworthy.